Home Handrail Fittings

Stainless steel railing fittings, also known as handrail fittings or balustrade fittings, are typically made from high-quality stainless steel known for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. These fittings are designed to be compatible with stainless steel tubes with diameters of 25.4mm (1 inch), 38.1mm (1.5 inches), or 50.8mm (2 inches). The common thickness of these tubes is 1.5mm. They are specifically crafted to fit snugly and securely onto these tube sizes.

The range of sainless steel handrail fittings available for these tube sizes includes railing elbows, tube joiners, end caps, handrail base plates, railing post covers, handrail brackets, handrail supports, railing converters, baluster brackets, glass holders, glass clamps, and other essential components . These handrail fittings play a crucial role in the construction of railing systems by providing structural support, allowing for changes in direction, connecting handrail sections, and securing the handrail to walls or other surfaces.

The use of stainless steel handrail fittings can enhance the overall aesthetic of a space by providing a sleek and modern look. These fittings are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for railing systems in staircases, balconies, walkways, and other areas where a secure and stylish handrail solution is needed. For interior applications, we suggest using grade 304 stainless steel with a satin polish treatment. For exterior applications, we recommend grade 316 stainless steel with a mirror polish treatment.