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Glass Clamps Double Side 90°

T= 10.76 / 11.52 / 12.00 / 12.76 / 13.52 /15.00mm

90 Degree Glass to Glass Clamp
90 Degree Glass to Glass Clamp Structure
Category Part NO. T Ø Material Surface Place of Production
Glass Clamps GC015.00 10.76-15 Flat AISI 304,316 or Duplex SS 2205 Satin or Mirror polished Shandong, China


90-degree glass-to-glass clamp is designed to securely attach two glass panels at a 90-degree angle, creating a corner or junction, primarily used for corner applications in frameless glass structures, such as partitions, shower enclosures, and railings.

The 90-degree design allows for seamless and unobstructed connections between glass panels, creating a clean and modern aesthetic. These glass clamps typically feature two clamping mechanisms, one for each glass panel, ensuring a firm and reliable grip that prevents the panels from wobbling, loosening, or detaching, even under load or in windy conditions.


Glass Clamp Info:

1. Manufacturing Process: Investment Casting + Precision Machining+Polishing
2. Use Place: Bridge Railings / Handrails, Deck Railings / Handrails, Porch Railings / Handrails, Stair Railings / Handrails
3. Installation Location: Flooring
4. Certificate: ISO9001:2015, Material Certificates, Dimension Inspection Certificate
5. Lead Time : 60days batch production after 90 degree glass to glass clamp samples approved
6. Warranty Service: 1 Year
7. After-sales Service: Online Technical Support, Return And Replacement

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