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SS Handrail Fittings Prototype Design & Development

Knowledge and Expertise

Technical staffs from Highco are all worked in stainless steel handrail fittings over 15 years. We have professional knowledge and experiences from moulds designing, investment casting process to precision machining and surface treatments.

We can understand the drawings and requirements quickly and exactly, set up proper procedures for castings and machining, etc.

Quality Control and Guarantee

We are ISO 9001 certificated and our QC staffs start doing quality control at each production sector. All SS handrail fittings products will be 100% checked again before deliveries. We guarantee to our customers that Highco will be always to take the responsibility bravely, once the goods have quality problems.


Production Scheduling

We monitor the process of each order to know which step it is now and the information will be reported to customers in time. If the delivery time beyond schedule, customers will know the information and reason at the first time to do reschedule.

Easier Communication

You can have easier communication with our sales & services team; for any questions in handrail fittings from the customers, our sales team will handle them and check with inside staffs carefully, feedback to our customers in time.

Reduce Your Purchasing Costs

The aim of the company is always offering the best quality SS handrail fittings products from China to our customers with the most competitive prices. We do not only lower manufacturing costs by developing on the production procedures to increase production efficiency. We can also select solid machining, laser cutting or welding process to produce some parts to lower in SS handrail fittings manufacturing cost and meantime meet the requirement.

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