Slotted Tube Joiner Tee 90°


Slotted Tube Joiner Tee 90 Degree
Tee Tube Connector Structure
Slotted Tube End Cap Structure


Part NO.
Fit for Tube








Place of Production

Slotted Tube Fittings


Ø50.8 x 1.5
66 50.8

Stainless Steel 304 / 316

Satin or Mirror polished

Shandong, China


Slotted tee tube connector for a handrail is a specific type of connector used in the construction of handrail systems. It typically consists of a tee-shaped connector with slots designed to accommodate the insertion of slotted tubes, allowing for the creation of a secure and stable handrail structure. These connectors are commonly used in architectural and construction applications to create aesthetically pleasing and functional handrail designs.


Tube Joiner Basic Info:

1. Advantage: Easier and quicker installatio; Easier cleaning and maintenance
2. Manufacturing Process: Investment Casting + Precision Machining+Polishing
3. Use Place: Bridge Railings / Handrails, Deck Railings / Handrails, Porch Railings / Handrails, Stair Railings / Handrails
4. Certificate: ISO9001:2015
5. Certificates: Material Certificates, Dimension Inspection Certificate
6. Lead Time : 45days for samples making +50days batch production after tee tube connector samples approved
7. Warranty Service: 1 Year
8. After-sales Service: Online Technical Support, Return And Replacement

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